So here it goes...

I don't know exactly where I left off, but I think everyone knows about my lovely 4 month hospital stay from Nov to Feb  I yhink that's where I'll pick up.

I had't felt really well for some time.  In Feb I was in the hosp with pnumonia.  Got home from that and was ok for awhile.  Then the sky started to fall and the world as I knew it ceased to exhist. Ihad been having trube waling and very short of breath.  Everything came to a head on Nov 16.  I went to the bathroom where I sat for 7hrs.  I couldn't ge up from the toilet,  Seriously!  I could not stand up.  Sat there till people started coming home from work and I could call ou and get help.  Paramedics gome upok and gave me a quick checkout.  Then declaired that they thoght i needed to go to hosp.  I did not ague.   I remember getting to ER and a litle after that then nothing, iterally, for 2 wk.  I was in my own little make believe world.  It had aliens, people and friends being cloned, you name it, I drempt it up.  And of course I was the hero.  I blew things up (I now understand Illya's love for explosives),found the alien's nest...etc. Had a right fine time.  There are  lot of bizarre things I remember...  my cardio rehab guy worked undercover for the CIA and flew a helecopter for them. He was in charge of persons going into protecive custody. (He's not)  and I asked him to marry me. (That I did do.  He turned me down)  And that's just a light touch.  Almost forgot.. it seems that I was a nauhty girl.  During the first week I was puling out my iv's. hitting nurses/docs/etc, cursing,

Well, SHIT !!  This is no the first installment.  I had you guys up to March then the computer hick-uped.  So you get this tonight and I'll rewrite the rest tomorrow.

APOLOGIZIES: to one and all.

I am trying to make a comeback. I hope that I am welcome, at least a little bit.  First, in my defense,of which there is little,I have had 9 of the worst past months anyone could endure.  Terrble!  And I don't know if it's over yet.  I am alive and sort of well.  My friends,I have done you a grand disservice. I hope you can forgive me.  You suported me so much when I was in he hospitlal from Nov-Mar.   I am so very grateful.   But when i treally got tough going I figured it was all to much to unload on you all, so I stopped writing.  Didn't want to be a bother.   Well things have smoothed out a bit.  I am ready to fill you in with all the gory details.  It will take a couple sittings and I'll  wait a couple days before I give you episode 1.